Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Breakers

I will take any excuse to go on a little getaway with my boys. It was spring break, and Ted definitely deserved a relaxing time off. It just so happened that Bren and Ash were feeling the exact same way, and needed a break too. We were so happy they did, because we all loaded up the car and ventured down to St. George. 

I had major anxiety about how our little Lukey would do on our little mini road trip, but he was such a champ! We told Bren and Ash that they would either go home ready to have a baby of their own, or Lucas would be excellent birth control.. He was on his best behavior, and was definitely the entertainment for the trip, so we're hoping he'll be getting another cousin here soon ;) jk, jk.. But really. 

We had the greatest time drinking LOTS of Orange Peels, shopping, hiking, golfing (for the boys, while the girls played in the sun), sleeping, laughing, and tennis playing. I can't think of a better way to celebrate no school, or anyone else we would have rather enjoyed it with. Spring Break 2014 was a definite success. We are more ready than ever for summer to get here! And let me tell you, "Summer Lukey" might be my favorite Lukey yet.. That boy loves the sun. And chunky baby legs hanging out of shorts with bare feet could be the greatest sight ever. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Liebster Award

You may be wondering what in the world the Liebster Award is, I sure didn't know. It is an "award" given by bloggers to bloggers. It is simply a way to get to know a little bit more about the girl behind the blog, and share some of your favorite blogs so we can all creep together!  :)

I was nominated by my cute friend Michelle that I have known since.. forever pretty much. {Long live ParCool!} 

Here we go, a few things about me >> >> 

I love the tv show "Friends". When I started dating my husband, he quoted it once and I knew I would be hanging on to him for the long haul. (He even owned some of the seasons.. Match made in Heaven I tell ya). I watched nearly all 10 season the first few months when Lucas was born. Pretty sure our little guy knew that it was time to eat when he heard "I'll be there for you!" It made nursing fly by :)

One of my favorite movies is "Tangled". My husband knows if it has been a rough day because I will be watching it in our room. 

I am the absolute worst decision maker out there.. If I can procrastinate any decision making, you can be sure that I will.

I'm also a worrier, so that makes it even harder to make decisions.. 

One of my most prized possessions is a Tiffany bow necklace Teddy gave me when Lucas was born. It makes me happy every time I wear it.

I love Gushers. So so much.

I am a list maker and journal keeper

Rainy days are my favorite kind of days

I cry. A lot. I thought after my pregnancy the hormones would go away, but they just magnified... Sometimes for good things, sometimes for bad. Especially things involving my family, it just gets to me! Poor Fancy Face, he is really good at taking care of me and the rollercoaster I am always on.

If I could live in leggings, I would. In a heartbeat. The amount of time it takes me to get out of normal clothes and into sweats when I get home is embarrassing.

I love handwriting. I love seeing other peoples' writing, I love writing in my journal, I love writing notes, and I am working on learning calligraphy.. I'm a big fan of it all.

I really enjoy watching sports, and I kind of know a lot about them. I guess that's what I get for growing up with 4 brothers.

I have mastered the art of "lollygagging". Just ask Teddy...

My favorite things about myself are my boys. Watching them play fills up my little mommy heart.

Now I nominate... 
Allison-- The Meadows Family 
Stef-- Pure Luck
Melissa-- Mr. & Missy
Let's learn some new things about you cute girls :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Twenty. Three.

This year is going to have a whole lot to live up to, because I feel like 22 was kind of "my" year. Some unimaginable experiences came along, both good and bad. But I feel stronger and I know who is loyal and who will always be there for me, no matter what. Even though I have a hard time thinking this coming year will be able to compare to the last, I have a feeling deep down that I might love it even more.. If that's even possible! I mean, this year I get to enjoy a BABY instead of a pregnancy.. I can hardly contain my excitement! So here is an obnoxious amount of pictures, because I loved this last year oh so much.




I had such a wonderful birthday that I got to celebrate with so many people I love. Thank you for all the sweet calls, texts, and messages. I felt so loved. Special thanks to my sweet husband and our little guy for spending the day with me. There isn't anywhere else I would have rather been! 

Thanks for being so good to me, 22. I can't wait to see what 23 has to offer.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Olympic Nostalgia

There is something special about the winter Olympics. Which is weird for me to say because I have never skied, snowboarded, or ice skated before in my life.. But they bring back memories that I absolutely adore.

It was amazing to have them here in 2002. I remember getting checked out of school with one of my friends and our moms in 5th grade and going to see the "passing of the torch". I remember traveling all over the valley to find those stinkin' pins that we NEEDED to have. {I am so glad my mom obsessed over them with me.} We ventured downtown often and wandered the streets, seeing the new shops, and sporting our Roots USA sweatshirts and berets. We attended a party at Nordstrom where the Olympic mascots came and we took pictures and ate delicious food. One of my friends invited me to a medal ceremony, and it just blew my mind watching the athletes celebrate after achieving such a grand goal. I can't imagine the pride they must feel standing on the top of the podium while your national anthem was playing for YOU. Your whole country feeling so much pride and adoration for you. The closing ceremony was on my birthday, and I remember thinking "the whole world is watching fireworks for ME!" ;) It was such a special experience to have them here, and I loved feeling involved. I feel like Salt Lake was on it's A-Game, and definitely didn't disappoint. #MittforPresident

Then we jump forward 8 years and they were in Vancouver. I didn't think I would care about them this time around, because they weren't here. It wouldn't be as special for me because I didn't experience them firsthand like we did in Salt Lake, and the previous Olympics didn't really caught my attention. But there was something else that made them special, I didn't have to be there because I watched them on my couch with a man that I was falling madly in love with. 

We had only been dating for a few weeks, but I was already crazy about him. He would work pretty late, so we usually didn't start hanging out until 9 or later. But I loved it. I loved every minute of it! Teddy would come over, we would lay on the couch and talk while the Olympic events replayed from earlier that day. We would make such pointless bets, but to this day we both remember them. He would always guess the underdog would win, and I would pretend that I didn't hear the commentators talking about who was favored for gold- then always "guess" they would take it home. 

I remember one night in particular, it was getting really late. I saw the lights in the hall flashing which could only mean my dad was ready for Ted to go home. But I wasn't ready for the night to end! I hated saying goodbye, so it only made sense for him to stay for "one more event", then one more, and one more. I pretended I didn't see the lights, and eventually I think my dad just gave up and fell asleep. He knew Ted was special too, there is no denying it ;)

Fast forward to 2014, in Sochi. There was no way in my mind that these Olympics could surpass my previous winter games experiences. But boy was I wrong... This time I can't sit and watch events like I used to. We don't lay on the couch into the morning hours betting jamba juices on what color certain uniforms were {Black or dark green..? He still doesn't think I'm right.. But I am}. This time, I get to watch them while I rock my sleeping baby and watch him do his "kick routines". I don't care about missing part of an event because I would WAY rather watch Teddy talk with our little guy and make him laugh. I get emotional way more than I should during the commercials.. But seriously, how could the Proctor & Gamble "Mom" commercials not make you tear up a little!? Or the commercials that flashback to when the athletes were little!? I'm pathetic.

I LOVE the Olympics. I love the memories we have made during the games, and I can't even imagine where we will be in 2018 when we are watching them in Korea. But I do know that I am going to be with the ones I love, enjoying them as much as we can. Maybe we will put the kid{s?!?} down and fall asleep with them on in the background, really enjoying a little peace and quiet. I am sure Lucas will be jumping all over the place pretending he is a snowboarder, or sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag like he is bobsledding. But whatever we do, I know it will be special, because cheering for USA in all of the coldest of sports, has reserved a pretty big spot in our hearts.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Happiest Weekend

I hate waking up at the beginning of the week and realizing the weekend has ended. It was the happiest 3 day weekend for our little family. We didn't do much, but it was perfect. Here are a few reasons why..

Our lovely fort.. Sadly I fell asleep so early, I didn't really get to watch much of the movie. But I am convinced the best way to get sleep is being cuddled by the hubs surrounded by Christmas lights.

Seriously you guys, these two boys melt my heart!

Yesterday we had such a wonderful day. We ventured down to Provo, the weather was perfect and Lucas was a trooper. We watched the Olympics that night, and we tried to go upstairs for nearly 2 hours. We sat on the couch watching Luke because he was being so adorable.. He was talking and smiling with us, and it was one of those "mom moments" when my heart was so full and I couldn't bear the thought of the night ending. After we put Luke down, Ted kept telling me how much fun he had this weekend. It got two big thumbs up in my book too, Fancy Face.

Lukey is at such a fun stage. He is so interactive. When we are talking, he looks back and forth like he is just enjoying the conversation. He is so smiley, and loves being held. Each time he learns something new, I think "This is my favorite stage. I don't want this to end!" And then he learns something new, and I think "Ok, THIS is my favorite stage. I really don't want this one to end!" So far, I haven't encountered a stage with our little sweetie that I don't absolutely love. I am having a hard time thinking of anything more enjoyable than his toothless grins, smiley eyes, and his sweetest giggle. Holy cow, what did we ever do before this little guy came along!?

Stupid, blurry, iPhone.. But he's just too cute.

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentines

I love being in love, and I love having a valentine. But this year, I feel extra special because I get TWO valentines. And they are dang cute.

On this day last year, we had just found out we were going to have a baby. We built our usual Hearts Day fort, and Ted gave me the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting". I cried the entire time. But they were happy tears. Actually, the happiest kind of tears. All I could think was "Next year when we build this fort, there will be a BABY in between us!" And now it is here! Tonight we will build our fort, watch a movie, eat lots of treats, and put our little guy between us.

Today marks FOUR years of Ted and me being "us". So much has happened in those 4 years. Lots of dating, falling in love, getting married forever, fun vacations, the sweetest little boy, 6 apartments, Netflix watching, Sour Patch Kids eating, movie quoting, tradition making, and he still isn't sick of me! ;)

My life changed forever 4 years ago, and I couldn't be happier that it did. I love you Fancy Face, you're my favorite and my best. Thanks for picking me to be your valentine forever. Happiest of Valentine's to you, I'm really looking forward to our fort, and the millions more we get to make. xo

{Thanks to Brooke Jackson, for the sweet pictures. She nailed it.}

Monday, February 10, 2014

{Guess How Much I Love You}

I love my sleep. I am not one who enjoys waking up. Ever. Well, that is until little Lucas joined our family. Now, even a 5:30 wake up call doesn't make me upset. (But I am sure that is entirely because he only wakes up once a night- if that. Good job little buddy.) I kind of cherish those moments, nice and cozy in our little room. It is a precious time, holding my baby close, with absolutely no distractions. His little hand resting on my chest, his pinky up like always. He's so posh. Everyone warns you about how sleep deprived you become as a parent, but if I lose sleep for moments like this, I don't mind one bit.

It has always been my dream to experience moments like these. All I have ever wanted was to be a mom, and fill my home with kids. I have nieces and nephews that I absolutely adore, so I thought I knew what it would be like to love my kids. But holy cow. The love does not even compare. Looking down at my sweet boy, with his crazy hair and all, I feel like my heart is going to burst. Then his daddy walks in and Lucas lights up every. single. time. and my heart explodes. (But that alone, deserves its own post.) I can't believe he is ours, and that my Heavenly Father has trusted me with something so incredibly special. If He trusts us enough to let us raise Lucas, maybe I need to have a little more faith in myself too.

There are times when I feel like I can't do much right. It's a tough task trying to balance being a mom, wife, working, etc. But then we read stories at night before bed, I start reading and Lucas looks up and smiles, then back down at the book. We turn the page, I start reading, he looks back at me and smiles, then back to the book again. Or when his little foot taps the book and he finds it so funny, I'm reminded all over again how special this time is in my life. He gives my life so much meaning. If I get emotional reading Guess How Much I Love You, that has to mean I'm doing something right, right? ;)

Hey Little Lukey,  "I love you right up to the moon, and back" a million times. Thanks for being ours.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Blessing Day

Sunday was such a special day for our little family. We blessed our little Lucas, and it could not have been more perfect. Watching the sweet men in our families, circle around our little guy, and hearing my  husband give such a beautiful blessing took my breath away. All day I couldn't stop asking myself, "How in the world did I get so lucky?"

I am so blessed, and so grateful to have this gospel in my life. I have always dreamed of marrying a man that made the gospel a priority in his life. A man that honored his Priesthood, and used it to strengthen our family. I am so glad I found that in a husband, and that he will teach our little guy by his wonderful example. We love our happy, little Lucas, and already can't imagine life without him.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lucas Anthony

October 24th, 2013 will forever be a favorite day of mine. As cliche as it sounds, words can't describe the emotions I felt that day. The levels of excitement, love, anxiety, fear, and pure joy were off the charts. And to top it off, I got to experience it all with my sweet Teddy.

By the time I hit 38 weeks, I was beyond ready to meet our little guy. I was sick of the uncomfortable sleep, rotating through the 5 outfits that still fit (which consisted entirely of leggings and maxi skirts), and the constant anxiety of whether or not my water had broken. To say I was paranoid would be an understatement. I had had enough of the "Wow you're ready to pop" and constant stares at my belly from strangers. So when my due date came and went without getting to meet my babe I was a whole new level of frustrated and anxious. But then the day came, and all of a sudden I wasn't ready! Had I enjoyed my pregnancy as much as I could? Was I ready to not feel our little guy's every move? I would no longer be the only one to really know him, was I ready to share? Would I be a good mom? What if he won't breastfeed? What if we don't have that instant connection! How smooth would delivery go? Would my relationship with Teddy remain as strong as it was when we had a baby to constantly take care of? Would I feel incomplete without my belly, and being able to protect him at all times? I may have panicked a little {a lot}. And then, my sweetest husband gave me a beautiful blessing and even though my worries didn't go away, they were manageable and I was able to enjoy this special day.

Looking back, I only have one regret. I wish I wouldn't have been so over-the-top anxious about every little thing that was coming my way. But honestly, I don't think there is any way to prevent that. After going through such a sacred experience, I know that all those worries were so minor compared to the joy that would soon be overflowing from my heart.

{Almost ready to push!}

Finally, at 11:38 that night, I held my little boy. The warmth of his body on my chest was the sweetest thing I have ever felt. Feeling his {extremely long} arms and legs squirming, and hearing that sweet newborn cry changed my life forever. I was his mommy and I had no doubt that he knew that too. All of the sudden I was changed. I was no longer only a wife, sister, auntie, or friend. I was a mom and there is no greater calling I could ever dream of having in life. I cried and cried because already, being a mom was better than I had ever dreamed it would be. Watching Ted hold our sweet baby for the first time was heart wrenching in the best way possible. I had occasionally worried that they wouldn't have an instant connection because feeling a baby move from the outside is so different than feeling him roll around, and hiccup inside of you. I could not have been more wrong. I watched as our dark eyed boy looked at his daddy, and his daddy pulled him close with the biggest smile I had ever seen. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that we could do this. I knew it would be so hard at times, and we had so much to learn. But with these two boys on my team, how could I wish for anything greater?

Being a mom isn't easy. It is a constant battle of trying to find balance in a crazy, hectic life. But when I lay in bed with my husband and we contemplate whether or not we should wake up our sleeping angel so we can play with him, I know there isn't anything else in the entire world I would rather be doing. Watching our little Lucas light up when he sees Ted beats everything I ever dreamed of. His smiley eyes, toothless grin, and baby coos make me wonder what I was ever doing before this. How could it get any better? There isn't anything more important in my life than my family, and as imperfect as we are-- I wouldn't trade this for anything. I can't wait for the adventures we have ahead. Life is so wonderful, and it keeps getting better every single day.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Life Changes

2013 will always be considered one of the best years of my life. It was full of memories, and life changing events. Luckily, more good than bad :) If you would have told me last January that in one year I would have a 3 month old, I would have laughed in your face. But, here I am-- a mom of an adorable, precious, and studly little boy that I couldn't love more if I tried.

Last February I had this constant nausea, I had no idea what was wrong with me. It is crazy, I can remember Ted coming home late one night from basketball, and he came in to talk with me. I started out our conversation just fine and about 45 minutes later the sickness hit me. I thought I just needed to get some sleep. Well, long story short, it never went away and the whole time Ted told me I was pregnant. We weren't trying, and at the time we didn't have insurance so I was really freaking out. He went and bought a pregnancy test, and we were a little unsure if the results meant I was pregnant. The second line was so faint so we weren't sure how to respond.. Part of me wondered if the faint line was just a pigment of my imagination. Of course we turned to trusty Google, and everything we read said "2 lines=pregnant" no matter how light or dark it may be. But we just didn't want to get our hopes up. Even though we tried to hold it in, we started getting really excited. We stayed up all night talking about our little baby, names, and plans for the future. I couldn't stop looking at all the nursery ideas on Pinterest, and I scrolled through the baby clothes on so many websites.

We went to the mall the next day, and I have never noticed so many pregnant women. They were everywhere. And they all seemed so happy. It was then that I realized how badly I wanted to be one of them! I was ready for this experience. It's a crazy thing, taking a pregnancy test. I had so many emotions.. If it was positive, was I ready? Could we handle this change!? Would we know how to care for a newborn!? If it was negative, I knew I would be disappointed. All I have ever wanted to be in life was a wife and a mom! So we couldn't handle the uncertainty any more and we bought a digital test. We were beyond excited when "Pregnant" showed up. It was real, we were becoming a family of 3!

It was hard for me to believe. Even though Ted and I were getting ready to celebrate 3 years together, I didn't know if I was ready to share him. As selfish as that sounds, it's true. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be more grateful for this experience to have a baby with the love of my life, but it was a lot to take in. My sweet husband was my rock through the first few, difficult months. Well actually throughout the whole pregnancy. When I had my breakdowns he constantly reminded me how blessed we were, and that if it we were meant to have a baby now, we would. Even if we weren't quite sure.

That Valentine's Day we made our usual fort {kind of my favorite tradition}, and my heart had never been so happy knowing that we were going to be sharing our fort with our little babe the next year. It was an amazing 9 months of pregnancy. Words can't describe how special that experience is. I thought I loved my husband A LOT before, but it doesn't even compare to my love for him now. And holy cow, that baby we made? I've never been more proud of anything in my life.