Thursday, February 20, 2014

Olympic Nostalgia

There is something special about the winter Olympics. Which is weird for me to say because I have never skied, snowboarded, or ice skated before in my life.. But they bring back memories that I absolutely adore.

It was amazing to have them here in 2002. I remember getting checked out of school with one of my friends and our moms in 5th grade and going to see the "passing of the torch". I remember traveling all over the valley to find those stinkin' pins that we NEEDED to have. {I am so glad my mom obsessed over them with me.} We ventured downtown often and wandered the streets, seeing the new shops, and sporting our Roots USA sweatshirts and berets. We attended a party at Nordstrom where the Olympic mascots came and we took pictures and ate delicious food. One of my friends invited me to a medal ceremony, and it just blew my mind watching the athletes celebrate after achieving such a grand goal. I can't imagine the pride they must feel standing on the top of the podium while your national anthem was playing for YOU. Your whole country feeling so much pride and adoration for you. The closing ceremony was on my birthday, and I remember thinking "the whole world is watching fireworks for ME!" ;) It was such a special experience to have them here, and I loved feeling involved. I feel like Salt Lake was on it's A-Game, and definitely didn't disappoint. #MittforPresident

Then we jump forward 8 years and they were in Vancouver. I didn't think I would care about them this time around, because they weren't here. It wouldn't be as special for me because I didn't experience them firsthand like we did in Salt Lake, and the previous Olympics didn't really caught my attention. But there was something else that made them special, I didn't have to be there because I watched them on my couch with a man that I was falling madly in love with. 

We had only been dating for a few weeks, but I was already crazy about him. He would work pretty late, so we usually didn't start hanging out until 9 or later. But I loved it. I loved every minute of it! Teddy would come over, we would lay on the couch and talk while the Olympic events replayed from earlier that day. We would make such pointless bets, but to this day we both remember them. He would always guess the underdog would win, and I would pretend that I didn't hear the commentators talking about who was favored for gold- then always "guess" they would take it home. 

I remember one night in particular, it was getting really late. I saw the lights in the hall flashing which could only mean my dad was ready for Ted to go home. But I wasn't ready for the night to end! I hated saying goodbye, so it only made sense for him to stay for "one more event", then one more, and one more. I pretended I didn't see the lights, and eventually I think my dad just gave up and fell asleep. He knew Ted was special too, there is no denying it ;)

Fast forward to 2014, in Sochi. There was no way in my mind that these Olympics could surpass my previous winter games experiences. But boy was I wrong... This time I can't sit and watch events like I used to. We don't lay on the couch into the morning hours betting jamba juices on what color certain uniforms were {Black or dark green..? He still doesn't think I'm right.. But I am}. This time, I get to watch them while I rock my sleeping baby and watch him do his "kick routines". I don't care about missing part of an event because I would WAY rather watch Teddy talk with our little guy and make him laugh. I get emotional way more than I should during the commercials.. But seriously, how could the Proctor & Gamble "Mom" commercials not make you tear up a little!? Or the commercials that flashback to when the athletes were little!? I'm pathetic.

I LOVE the Olympics. I love the memories we have made during the games, and I can't even imagine where we will be in 2018 when we are watching them in Korea. But I do know that I am going to be with the ones I love, enjoying them as much as we can. Maybe we will put the kid{s?!?} down and fall asleep with them on in the background, really enjoying a little peace and quiet. I am sure Lucas will be jumping all over the place pretending he is a snowboarder, or sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag like he is bobsledding. But whatever we do, I know it will be special, because cheering for USA in all of the coldest of sports, has reserved a pretty big spot in our hearts.


Allison and Josh said...

Um, you were in 5th grade when the Olympics were here? Thanks for making me feel old! I was a senior in high school! haha!

Kristin Thompson said...

You would go to an Olympic Nordstrom party!!! hahaha! Annnnnnd dont fret I cry, always, through those kid/Mom comercials, but you are way more justified!!