Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I haven't always loved this month, but it has definitely without a doubt become my most favorite since I have gotten older. It is so full of love and fun, and since it has been spring pretty much the entire time- it has been that much better! 
Valentine's Day was absolutely perfect. I spent the whole night with my favorite person. We ate and watched a movie in our amazing fort {no I am not 5 years old..}. At first, Ted laughed too. But then his creative juices started flowing and we created this masterpiece..
{The twinkle lights made all the difference}
It was the perfect day, and the best way to celebrate our two year anniversary! 

Then my 21st birthday decided to show up. Saying I was excited would be quite the understatement. Not that being "legal" will change anything for me, but I am now officially the age that I will be when I get married! Woohoo! It was the absolute best. birthday. ever. It started with getting the day off (I work for the best guys..), lunch with most of my favorite people, a fiance that got off work early and completely spoiled me!
He gave me ReAL Salt Lake Season tickets! I am absolutely ecstatic!! 
Then surprised me with the Melting Pot for dinner! It was absolutely incredible. Most fun, delicious, and romantic dinner I have ever been to! We were there for almost 3 hours and I loved every single minute! We both left feeling so full, but we couldn't have had a better time. We went to "This Means War" afterwards to finish off my happiest day.

It has been the best February, I am so sad to see it go! But with March coming up, we have lots to look forward to. One of my most bestest friends is getting MARRIED, Disney on Ice {We are taking Jude & GG, like I said- I am not 5}, we get to take our engagement pictures, and time until the wedding is really starting to wind down! {64 days left, in case you were wondering..} yay!! 

Happy Leap Year! Bring it on March :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{i love you, fancy face}

Valentine's Day has quickly turned into one of my most favorite days since I started dating Teddy. There is just something about having a day that is supposed to be completely dedicated to us. 

{Bee's Game July 24th, 2011}
This Valentine's is especially special because we are celebrating two whole years of us. These two years have been so full of joy and love, and I can't imagine ever feeling happier! Every good thing in my life starts with him.This boy is something special, and I am so glad I get to call him mine. I'm so glad we are a "we". So glad we're bffe, fancy face. 

If our last two years have been this ideal, eternity with you sounds pretty divine.. I love you best friend, I've never had a better time with anyone. Thank you for bringing this whole new level of joy into my life, you are my everything. So Happy Valentine's Day, Love. And happy two years! I have a feeling, it's only going to get better from here.. :) xo 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Sometimes, life gives you lemons. And sometimes life gives you these..

And when life gives you something as sweet as this, you can't do anything but love every single thing about it. So it's time to celebrate, because this little guy is well worth it.

Happy first year, baby Ez. We can't imagine this world without you! 

{If you want to see some more amazing pictures of this little guy, click here. You won't be disappointed. Promise.}