Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Happiest Weekend

I hate waking up at the beginning of the week and realizing the weekend has ended. It was the happiest 3 day weekend for our little family. We didn't do much, but it was perfect. Here are a few reasons why..

Our lovely fort.. Sadly I fell asleep so early, I didn't really get to watch much of the movie. But I am convinced the best way to get sleep is being cuddled by the hubs surrounded by Christmas lights.

Seriously you guys, these two boys melt my heart!

Yesterday we had such a wonderful day. We ventured down to Provo, the weather was perfect and Lucas was a trooper. We watched the Olympics that night, and we tried to go upstairs for nearly 2 hours. We sat on the couch watching Luke because he was being so adorable.. He was talking and smiling with us, and it was one of those "mom moments" when my heart was so full and I couldn't bear the thought of the night ending. After we put Luke down, Ted kept telling me how much fun he had this weekend. It got two big thumbs up in my book too, Fancy Face.

Lukey is at such a fun stage. He is so interactive. When we are talking, he looks back and forth like he is just enjoying the conversation. He is so smiley, and loves being held. Each time he learns something new, I think "This is my favorite stage. I don't want this to end!" And then he learns something new, and I think "Ok, THIS is my favorite stage. I really don't want this one to end!" So far, I haven't encountered a stage with our little sweetie that I don't absolutely love. I am having a hard time thinking of anything more enjoyable than his toothless grins, smiley eyes, and his sweetest giggle. Holy cow, what did we ever do before this little guy came along!?

Stupid, blurry, iPhone.. But he's just too cute.

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Kristin Thompson said...

YAY!!! lots of new posts for me to read! I love getting my fix of the Trujillo Trio!