Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Breakers

I will take any excuse to go on a little getaway with my boys. It was spring break, and Ted definitely deserved a relaxing time off. It just so happened that Bren and Ash were feeling the exact same way, and needed a break too. We were so happy they did, because we all loaded up the car and ventured down to St. George. 

I had major anxiety about how our little Lukey would do on our little mini road trip, but he was such a champ! We told Bren and Ash that they would either go home ready to have a baby of their own, or Lucas would be excellent birth control.. He was on his best behavior, and was definitely the entertainment for the trip, so we're hoping he'll be getting another cousin here soon ;) jk, jk.. But really. 

We had the greatest time drinking LOTS of Orange Peels, shopping, hiking, golfing (for the boys, while the girls played in the sun), sleeping, laughing, and tennis playing. I can't think of a better way to celebrate no school, or anyone else we would have rather enjoyed it with. Spring Break 2014 was a definite success. We are more ready than ever for summer to get here! And let me tell you, "Summer Lukey" might be my favorite Lukey yet.. That boy loves the sun. And chunky baby legs hanging out of shorts with bare feet could be the greatest sight ever. 

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